Inner Wisdom

The Wisdom Room

The Wisdom Room …an Invitation

Imagine if you will, a room that you enter and within that room you could learn to still your mind and quiet yourself. You learn to communicate with your body, your spirit, your inner child, even your very soul. You may even be guided on a journey to an earlier time in this life, a time that your physical, mental or emotional body may have been injured and is waiting to heal. Wouldn’t you be curious? Wouldn’t you want more than anything to be invited into this room?

What if I tell you there is just such a place; it is a quiet and beautiful sanctuary, a secret garden of self, a room of Wisdom, one in which you are warmly invited to enter.

Within this room you will learn to listen to and honor those voices within your being that make up the very essence of who you are. You will discover tools that you already possess and didn’t even know you had. You will uncover a unique power and knowing within yourself. You will find that these things are nothing new, they have indeed been there with you all along, just waiting patiently for you to listen.

Slowly, with practice, as you learn to apply these tools of discovery and incorporate them into your daily routine, you will begin to see them manifest themselves and become a natural extension of your daily life.

Like anything worth pursing this takes time and patience. It is a learning process, a migration of sorts, over time transporting you from one place to perhaps a better, more comfortable one. A place of health and well-being where you learn the value of honoring your truest, highest self. 

If you think about it, there is nothing magical or far-fetched about looking within, about honoring what your body and your spirit are saying to you, or about getting to know who you truly are from the inside. In this fast paced world where family, work, and the struggles of everyday life seem to take priority over self-care, this is merely the art of learning to take care of you. It is the place where we all must begin on this journey to spirit and healing. 

Then one day, in the midst of this world of chaos and confusion, you look up and you suddenly realize you are there, you are in that place of deep peace and knowing.

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