Inner Wisdom


There is a Buddhist proverb that says :

‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear.’

And I for one have found that to be very true. Hi, my name is Rema Keen and nearly seven years ago I met a woman by the name of Joni Micals.  Joni, a healer, a therapist and energy worker, was like finding a treasure in my own back yard. Long story short, she was in need of a gardener, I in need of a teacher. I happened to be a gardener and she a teacher, so we each bartered our services to the other. It was then that my feet were set upon a path that would be life changing. 

As we began to tell each other our stories, Joni, this petite, magical, beautifully elegant woman, explained to me that she had spent many years, from her teens into her thirties, on the road as a performer/entertainer. It was a grueling life and when she returned “home” to SC she was exhausted, overwhelmed, and nearly bedridden with a looming diagnosis of MS. 

Having a good support system and some time to rest and recoup, and somewhat of an understanding about alternative medicine, Joni began to try different approaches on her journey of self-healing. Her neurological and electrical systems had become a painful mess and she was having severe seizures. She likened it to lightning strikes in her brain, or live wires that were sparking, bringing her to her knees on a regular basis.

After trying many different tactics, she eventually hit upon the thing that worked. She learned over a period of time to quiet herself and listen to her body. When she began to dial in to this intuitive voice, she began to understand and then to address all the connections and root causes for her illness. She trusted her sense of intuition, believing the body will tell you what it needs if you will only listen and trust.

Today, when medical science says she should, at this point in time, be in a wheel chair, Joni is almost symptom free. 

Since that time Joni has spent over 25 years studying just about everything there is to study in the world of alternative health care. She has a degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Myotherapy and Neuromuscular Massage, Reflexology, and certification in NLP.  She has spent many years guiding others in learning to listen to and honor those voices within their being that make up the very essence of who they are. She is a no nonsense teacher whose understanding of the body and the spirit is truly phenomenal. Her approach is practical yet intuitive, helping her clients to uncover a unique power and knowing within themselves that has been there all the time. 

Joni became my teacher and my friend. I, being a perpetual student of the universe and a constant seeker, was hungry for this kind of knowledge and conversation and dove deep into these waters. Through Joni’s guidance, and my own study, I began to see the connection of all things…as I asked questions and unearthed the answers within myself I saw the parallels of gardening and life, of planting seeds and nurturing them, I learned the virtue of stillness and patience. Suddenly all kinds of doors were flying open inside of me. It was an intense awakening experience. The more I learned the more I found there was to learn. And that enthusiasm has not lost its momentum for me.

Since that time Joni and I have spent many, many hours lost in deep discussion, contemplating issues that are of great interest to us, asking hard questions, searching for answers. It is a relationship that has sustained and nurtured both of us.  But after a while we began to yearn for other voices and different opinions and ideas to help us broaden our knowledge and understanding of these topics. We found ourselves living in an area that is not always open to philosophies and ideas that may differ from the mainstream of society. In short, we began to feel a pressing isolation.

So, our hope is to find an answer to this isolation with this blog. We are excited to have this medium to be able to reach out to and connect with others who may be of like mind, who are hungry for this kind of dialogue. Who are as ready to find a teacher as Joni is to find students!

So as we find our way early on here in the kingdom of blog, we invite you to join us. Let’s talk about the things we are passionate about, the things we think about.  To begin with let’s examine topics such as spirit and healing, figuring out how to cope and live our day to day lives in this society, what are our struggles, our triumphs. Let’s challenge our belief systems. Let’s share our knowledge about love and art, about gardening and sustainable living. Let’s question things! And question them again!

You never know quite where we might take you on this journey of ours, but what is most exciting to us is where you will take us! So whether you are a gardener or a teacher, a carpenter or a motorcycle mechanic, we invite you to join us. Holding tightly to the belief that all things are connected and most of us are on this journey of understanding ourselves and the world. We are all at once teachers and students. Let’s flow forward and learn together on this great adventure…. And watch as our teachers appear!




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  1. Nancy Short said:

    Excited to be in on the ground floor of this adventure!


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